Our story

Medicine, legends, and a love of learning

In 2010, we set out to build a physician-led EdTech company committed to making medical learning more engaging and effective.

10 years and 7 million downloads later, our success has confirmed that people value tools that will help them stay focused and motivated throughout their studies — especially adults.

It’s from this experience that we’ve chosen to open our system to the world under the brand Monsoon Yeti. We want other knowledge professionals to capitalize from our unique technologies, management systems, and know-how. What’s more, much like we’ve done, we want you to operate a successful, profitable business too!

The name “Monsoon Yeti” is a playful oxymoron. After all, how does a legendary snow creature from the mountains relate to a seasonal wind from South and South East Asia? It doesn’t, really.

But that’s our point: often, in life the best learning happens when we link two totally unrelated things into one valuable whole.


Sandaruwan Gunathilake