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Bring your STEM innovations to market!

Monsoon Yeti is a global commercial strategy firm. We envision and implement ideas.

What we do

Product and service development

  • On-demand learning content based on the award-winning designs of Prognosis: Your Diagnosis and Clinical Sense by Medical Joyworks.
  • On-demand learning content based on other learning formats, or entirely new concepts.
  • Digital product and service components for new STEM-based innovations.

Communication design

  • Marketing promotion campaigns targeted at general and specialized audiences.
  • Corporate communication actions tailored to strategic as well as tactical needs.

Direct monetization

  • Product and service market fit analyses and business model formulation to maximize revenue growth.
  • Advertisement of healthcare products and services to a premium medical audience of nearly 600,000 unique and authentic users worldwide via the MJ Premium Ad Network.

Featured Stories

Medical Joyworks LLC: premium healthcare advertising network management.

Our parent company has been successfully creating top-rated gamified learning apps for physicians worldwide since 2010. Renowned for the realism of their cases, research thoroughness and humor, the apps have been downloaded more than 6 million times, and are used by roughly 80,000 unique users in over 100 countries every month.

These gaming apps are free. To sustain them, Medical Joyworks displays advertising banners commissioned by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other healthcare sector businesses. However, Medical Joyworks wanted to continue earning these revenues while reassuring customers that their publications were neutral and free of product placements.

For this, we proposed transferring the Company’s advertising business to Monsoon Yeti, where we operate as an independent business unit. Doing so would ensure Medical Joyworks’s continued financial viability while maintaining the highest quality standards and neutrality of its publications.

Our first task was to carefully research the needs of the Company’s app users and healthcare advertisers in order to identify activities exclusive to either group, or common to both. We then took this customer-driven, value stream mapping review as the foundation for designing and offering several organizational setups.

Thanks to our team’s experiences with on-demand content creation, we were able to design alternatives that met Medical Joyworks’s content production requirements. Additionally, we ran multiple internal rate-of-return (IRR) analyses on these in order to determine their commercial viability. As a result, we were able to recommend the path most beneficial to the Company and its customers.

Today, we exclusively procure all the advertisement inventory from Medical Joyworks and offer it as a Premium Ad Network to healthcare businesses around the world. By premium, we mean that all traffic is organic - the thousands of unique users coming to Medical Joyworks’s apps are real people, healthcare students and professionals; a guarantee essential to our advertisers.

All the while, the Medical Joyworks team continues to produce medical learning products and services with content that is neutral, free of product placements, and of the highest standard.

A.T. Still University: product development, content upgrade, and migration. All in one.

Featured story: ATSU

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences’ School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (ATSU-SOMA) had a scenario based learning system for their Virtual Community Health Center (VCHC), an online medical education platform designed for distance learning across underserved communities in the United States.

To meet their evolving teaching needs, the University sought a partner to create a new platform and upgrade their catalog of 26 scenarios. We came up with a plan, and were awarded the project to design and build this new product under a joint-ownership model with our parent, Medical Joyworks LLC.

We started off by analyzing ATSU-SOMA’s existing system and reach (over 1000 students in the U.S.), paying attention to its functionality, and strengths and weaknesses with respect to their students’ learning needs. We also carefully reviewed all of their scenarios, noting their depth and complexity. From there, we proceeded to scope the functionality of the new system, and to define the format of the content it would use.

After testing several prototypes, development proceeded in two areas: our software engineers charted a development plan, while our content team designed the content migration process. Project execution was then centered around the delivery of carefully scheduled milestones and quality assurance reviews, as well as continuous feedback sessions with ATSU-SOMA.

A.T. Still University’s upgraded platform is now running successfully. The content catalog is also being expanded, with new scenarios expected to go live throughout 2019. The VCHC scenario player is accessible, upon request, at their website:

Who we are

We are a brainchild of Medical Joyworks LLC. From there, we have grown to share our knowledge and creativity with other STEM-based organizations. For more details about us, simply visit Medical Joyworks’s site:

How we work

We like to keep things simple and pragmatic. We look at where you are and where you want to be, assess any gaps that might exist, and find ways to help you achieve your goals.

Yes, it is that simple!


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